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Less Prospecting = More Time Closing Earning Building Scaling  Succeeding  📈

Our Services

Partner with us for predictable and effective growth. Think of us as your extended sales team, working diligently to ensure that you always have a consistent sales pipeline. All this without the challenges and expense of running an in-house cold email team.

Focus On
What Matters

We’ll set up all the technical aspects of cold emailing (DKIM, dMARC, SPF, warming up, sending variability) to ensure that your messages don’t go to spam.

Optimized Email Deliverability

We’ll set up all the technical aspects of cold emailing (DKIM, dMARC, SPF, warming up, sending variability) to ensure that your messages don’t go to spam.

Your Ideal

We’ll help you thoroughly identify your ICP and then build lead lists from multiple databases that are hyper-relevant to your products or services.

Focus On
What Matters

We’ll craft and refine your offering to make it so enticing and relevant that your prospects will feel dumb if they say ‘no’.

Emails That
Convert At Scale

We leverage data-scraping technology, AI, and automation tech in order to generate you thousands of hyper-personalized and relevant emails at scale. By scraping data and incorporating it into the emails, our emails are far more higher converting (2-3x more) than generic sales emails.


We’ll book the meetings for you so all you have to do is show up and close the deal.

The Lead Blast Process


We’ll handle all the technical aspects to ensure peak email deliverability such as setting up the domains, inboxes, DNS settings (DKIM, dMARC, SPF), custom tracking subdomain, etc. A comprehensive checklist will be completed to ensure that your emails don’t go to the spam folder.

Don't Fall Behind

Our fully custom “Outbound AI” system books you meetings with prospects that actually want to buy from you. Say goodbye to window-shoppers, bargain-hunters, and businesses who just aren’t a good fit. 

We’ve sent millions of cold emails across a variety of industries, and have figured out how to turn outbound meetings into a numbers game… Let us help take your business to the next level.

Flexible Plans for Every Creator


Not seeing the right plan? No problem! Claim your free Video or Book a Demo to customize a solution that perfectly suits your business needs.

Kickstart Package

Get 10 pre-qualified leads delivered to your inbox every week
$ 460 Monthly
  • 500 emails sent each week
  • GDPR & CAN-Spam compliant
  • 100% Pre-Qualified Leads
  • Delivered to your email inbox
  • Paid weekly

Elite Package

Over 50% more emails sent
$ 1280 Monthly
  • 10,000 emails sent over 3 months
  • GDPR & CAN-Spam compliant
  • Delivered to your email inbox
  • 100% Pre-Qualified Leads
  • 4 domains & emails for improved deliverability
  • Premium support
  • Paid quarterly

Each package includes unlimited revisions and fast turn-around.

Asked Questions

You've got questions, we've got answers.

We offer a robust pay-per-meeting structure that aligns with your success. You only pay for meetings with qualified decision makers. All work is done in-house. You can cancel anytime.

No vague KPIs & deliverables. No traditional retainers. No predatory tactics. 

The ability to skip all the algorithms and directly reach decision-makers is an advantage you don’t want to miss out on. And the parts about lead generation that aren’t fully a “numbers game”? (The emails, follow-ups, leads lists, tech stacks, etc.)

1MM+ cold emails worth of data  offers us the unique advantage of having tested and optimized every inch of the process. 

We have a performance based moneyback guarantee. For this reason we need to learn more about your business to make sure we can actually help you.

Qualified calls fit several   criteria:

1. Prospect actually shows up to the call

2. Prospect has budget and is looking to buy near term 

3. Other relevant, industry-specific parameters

Our team is responsible for getting qualified calls on your calendar, but it’s up to you (or your team) to close the sales calls we line up for you.

The short answer is Yes. We are based in California, USA and back all our work with professional contracts. We are not going anywhere. 

Nope! All contracts are month to month. 

Aside from sending millions of emails and having figured out how to turn cold outbound into a numbers game… we leverage custom AI scripts to maximize results for each of our clients.

Ready To Improve
Your Sales

We help you source new contacts, create strategies, run campaigns and create new sales opportunities.